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The Farseer Trilogy is written in first person following our main character Fitz from a young age. A tale of epic fantasy that I would consider a perfect entry point to the genre. This is because the reader’s understanding of the magic system’s appearance grows as the main character does too (assuming no extra research is taking place), letting you focus on the story and its beautifully crafted characters. For those who aren’t dabbling into fantasy for the first time, it’s a strong story to get under your belt. 

The first book starts in the Six Dutches with Fitz being handed over at a fort by a lady of close relation to him. Fitz (The Bastard Born) becomes the responsibility of the stable master and his animals at Buckkeep. This relationship stays with us throughout the book. “e soon learn that the stable master Burrich was very close to Fitz’s father. Something to keep an eye out for, people of and around royalty are named by their parents as characteristics they hope for their children to grow into, for example Chivalry or Regal.   

The Farseer Trilogy as books

Assassin’s apprentice – A more foreshadowing name than a description of the first book. A short but very sweet book that leaves you wanting to learn more about the world and its very unique characters. 

Royal Assassin – Including pirates, war, betrayal, love, heartbreak and bad blood, the second book is the jam in the sandwich, it brings the bread together and adds all the flavour.

Assassins Quest – The trilogy wrap up and one of the quickest 800+ page books I have ever read. Yes it is chunky but so much happens in so many different locations and the FANTASY really starts to take off here (no spoilers but there is a theme on all of the front covers).

What is The Farseer Trilogy?

Published between 1995 and 1997, The Farseer Trilogy is the start of Hobb’s wonderful creation ‘The Realm of the Elderlings, a 16 book series split into trilogies and a tetralogy (four book series). 

The Farseer Trilogy is a perfect read for any fantasy book clubs. The books grow in size considerably allowing people to know if they are interested in processing from each book, (I haven’t met anyone that has started this trilogy and not finished it let alone look onto the rest of Hobb’s work).

Where you can buy The Farseer Trilogy

You can find multiple versions at different prices and quality over at The Broken Bindning

The three books can be bought individual there and at Blackwells:

Who is Robin Hobb?

Robin Hobb is an American born writer that has a talent to write characters that not many can compete with. Her most famous work comes from The Realm of the Elderlings. I believe, they will be considered a classic in the future. 

Hobb feels like your favorite author’s author with the likes of George R.R. Martin having hero quotes on the front of her books multiple times. You know you’re in good company when picking up her books.

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