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What are book clubs?

A book club is where people read the same book in a set time and then follow it up by discussing the read in as much detail with no fear of spoiling it for others. They are an excuse to read the books you might not have prioritised, make other people pick up the book you have been shouting about for months, or to simply share your passion for reading with others.

Why do people create book clubs?

A book club is a good way to get yourself into reading. Creating a deadline and having an incentive to read and take in the book can make people successfully pick up the hobby. Getting the opportunity to sit down and chat about the book can make people not only enjoy reading more but take in the story, make notes and annotate to share their favorite parts (Of course none of this is necessary for a successful book club)

My personal story of books clubs so far is a failed family one with genres so diverse it was destined for failure. It was an amazing experience reading the book knowing that someone different will virtually host the Zoom call every couple of weeks to talk us through the book. It is important to be surrounded by people with similar genre interests to make sure the books each month are likely to be enjoyed and entice people to keep taking part.

The MaeBe Book Clubs

As mentioned in our about us page, part of the aim of MaeBeBookClub is to eventually create multiple book clubs. At the moment the two most prominent genres I am looking to itch the scratch for is Fantasy and Science Fiction. The plan will be to do monthly reads that active readers can use to slot in an extra book or for those struggling to get out of that reading slump. 

The book clubs are in early work and waiting to get the following / some active people to join but we are always open to book recommendations whether it’s a re-read or an exciting new pick up. 

The best way to join is through the reddit page r/maebebookclub but I am more than happy to speak or point you in the right direction through social media messages &