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Brandon Sanderson Mistborn is a famous epic/high fantasy trilogy. First published in 2006, the follow up from his debut novel Elantris. The trilogy was so successful that it was showcased to Robert Jordan’s wife Harriet McDougal, giving him the opportunity of lifetime to finish ‘The Wheel of Time’ after Jordan’s passing.

Brandon Sanderson Mistborn’s Eras

Now with two Eras, Mistborn Era 1 consists of the three books and a Novella:

  • Mistborn: The Final Empire
  • The Well of Ascension
  • The Hero of Ages
  • Mistborn: Secret History – novella

Mistborn Era 2 has four books and a short story titled: 

  • The Alloy of Law
  • Shadows of Self
  • The Bands of Mourning
  • The Lost Metal
  • Allomancer Jak and the Pits of Eltania – short story
Why should I read Mistborn? 

For me personally, Mistorn Era 1 and specifically book one (The Final Empire) is a perfect introduction to the modern epic fantasy genre alongside the high level of quality and the incredible options in bookshops today. 

Book one has an ending that feels as if it could be a standalone. The ending allows you to forget about the other two books if the book wasn’t your cup of tea. This is because the reader is left with more answers then questions. Mistborn era 1 is also the recommended entry point into Sanderson’s bigger universe, ‘The Cosmere’ which is a story so big it deserves its own article.

Not a First Time Fantasy Reader?

However, for those not looking for their first rodeo with epic fantasy. Mistborn Era 1 is still a heavy hitter. The trilogy will sweep you off your feet. Brandon is a writer of the highest quality. He makes all characters so unique with the smallest amount of page time. This is done in parallel to establishing one of the most captivating and detailed worlds I have read in a trilogy. 

What is Mistborn about?

Mistborn is set on the planet Scadrial. We see a world in which the villain has already won and has control over everything including the fog so many fear . The main perspectives are from a small team trying to fight back.

Including my two favourite characters:

  • Vin – The protagonist who has her fair share of trauma and war wounds
  • Kelsier – The deuteragonist and leader that has their war scars and experience

Brandon Sanderson Mistborn Era 1 Expanded

The second and third book have a slightly different feeling to them as the characters slightly shift and grow whilst the setting expands across the planet. Throughout the three books you get a real understanding of the main characters and the planet they live on including the fog, mystical creatures and the metal that fuels their magic (the books come accompanied with a clear diagram of what each metals do, this becomes important to the plot). Mistborn is a must read for those looking for a pager turner that has strengths in character arks, world building and a perfect magic system.

The whole series focuses on politics and their importance in successfully guiding a city or an army. To clarify, the politics are not forced down your throat but help the ship metaphorically sail, adding twists and pulls to the plot.

If you are interested in buying Brandson Sanderson Mistborn you can find them here:

Who is Brandon Sanderson?

Sanderson is considered one of if not the best writer of his generation and having read a handful of his books it is hard to disagree. With the talent and team he has created, Sanderson is able to churn out an inhuman volume of literature each year in which he updates his fans religiously over on his website

What is MaeBeBookClub?

MaeBeBookClub is a passion project to try and increase the visibility of my favorite books. Mistborn Era 1 was the first fantasy trilogy I completed. It help me discover my love for reading during the UK lock downs. The trilogy and author have a special place in my heart due to helping me get through a time that so many struggled in.

If you have any more questions about the books or author please feel free to contact us and I will be happy to help where I can.

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