Sci Fi Books to Read

Sci Fi Books to Read

A MaeBeBookClub Recommendation For me, just like the fantasy books genre, Science Fiction is so broad and diverse. Different readers enjoy the genres for a vast range of aspects. Many love deep science reasoning and explanation, countless people love interstellar travel from inhabited planet to inhabited planet visualising what the future might one day hold. … Read more

The Farseer Trilogy

the farseer trilogy

The Farseer Trilogy is written in first person following our main character Fitz from a young age. A tale of epic fantasy that I would consider a perfect entry point to the genre. This is because the reader’s understanding of the magic system’s appearance grows as the main character does too (assuming no extra research … Read more

Brandon Sanderson Mistborn

brandon sanderson mistborn

Brandon Sanderson Mistborn is a famous epic/high fantasy trilogy. First published in 2006, the follow up from his debut novel Elantris. The trilogy was so successful that it was showcased to Robert Jordan’s wife Harriet McDougal, giving him the opportunity of lifetime to finish ‘The Wheel of Time’ after Jordan’s passing. Brandon Sanderson Mistborn’s Eras … Read more