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MaeBeBookClub is a project of passion in which I talk about all things book and reading related. Specifically fantasy, sci-fi and horror. I found my love for reading at the start of the many lock-downs here in the UK.

With the ‘head office’ in Manchester the end goal of this site is to: 

  • Increase the visibility of my favourite books
  • Discover new books via recommendations
  • Create an environment in which all people feel welcome and can use it to find places to read and talk about books.
  • The Ultimate Goal: To create a book club for the people of Manchester to bring those with an interest in books together.
    • Fantasy book club
    • Sci-Fi book club
    • Horror book club
    • And more…

If you have any question, recommendation or would like to recommend a book please reach out to maebebookclub@gmail.com.